Software Development

Many of our customers come to us with fundamental systems issues that they are struggling to solve. More often than not they are faced with a unique problem that has a profound effect on core operational activity and productivity.

With creative thinking, idea generation and innovation being the driving forces behind the Sysemia solutions we enjoy nothing more than a challenge. And if there is one thing you can be sure of it’s that we won’t be beaten!

With research and development at the heart of what we do and sustained investment in a wide range of in-house projects, our customers know they can come to us for clever thinking and long term, practical and sustainable solutions to hard problems.

Software Development

When considering any software development project we begin by considering two key areas, modelling and implementation:


Modelling helps us gain an understanding of a system and enables clear communication of meaning. Over the years we have utilised a range of modelling tools some of which are detailed below:

Enterprise Modelling: Enterprise models are usually large and complex and aim to capture multiple aspects of an organisation from different viewpoints. We have worked with frameworks such as MODAF and NAF.

Domain Specific Languages: This is a powerful approach that gives models very strong meaning and allows software to be generated automatically. We have produced custom modelling languages in several domains.

Ontology Based Engineering:


Delivering new software systems requires an integrated approach of methodology, tools and platform. Below are some of the technologies we have used to facilitate successful integration in this context:

Java: We have used many computer languages but most of our recent work has been in Java. Our experience ranges from desktop to enterprise JEE applications.

Eclipse Platform: Eclipse is both an IDE and a platform for application delivery. Its extensible plugin architecture allows us to deliver Rich Client and web solutions.

Methodologies: A good methodology is one that helps to deliver effective solutions. An approach works well when combined with Model Driven Development. However, we have also used Water Fall approaches on other projects.

Unified Modelling Language (UML): UML is the industry standard approach for modelling software systems and we have been using it for over 10 years.