Technical Consultancy

Successfully identifying and embedding the right technology to do the job can mean the difference between business success and failure; Get it right, and see the business increase efficiency and productivity but get it wrong, and watch it drop.

Technical Consultancy

By adopting a holistic approach to systems technology, our team are available to provide expert advice at all stages of the process from conception to change management and training. Our job is to identify and successfully embed the right technological solution for your needs that ties in neatly with operational requirements, business objectives and most importantly the budget.

With decades of experience and highly regarded as thought leaders on advanced software solutions we already possess many of the answers to the issues faced by our clients. However, and for us more excitingly, we also possess the capability to find the answers to those yet unsolved issues.

Examples of solutions that we have identified and implemented can be seen below:

  • Model driven development
  • Technology strategy
  • Linked data
  • Solution architectures
  • Mobile devices