About Us

Sysemia offer intelligent solutions to your complex linked data problems by dealing with the hard sums and adding a splash of creative thinking. We develop and integrate innovative and elegant bespoke software solutions that leave you with joined up, coherent processes that improve business performance.

Specialising within the Aerospace and Advanced Engineering industries, we have decades of experience in research and capacity building within large corporate environments.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we listen to and understand the challenges you face and then find a sensible and sustainable way to solve them. With our help to collate, manage and exploit data you can focus on delivering effective and efficient business services rather than worrying about the tools you will use to do it. We not only significantly reduce the margin for error but we also increase capacity for better decision making and ultimately deliver improved performance, productivity and efficiency.

Our capability is driven through thought leadership, research and knowledge sharing which allows us to provide the kind of high level and innovative expertise that delivers long term, practical, supportable and extensible software solutions.

Our Experience

Sysemia offer you an independent and innovative approach to software development projects by utilising the many years of experience and expertise accumulated by its staff. Our team of experts have come together over the years working for some of the largest organisations in Europe on projects for the UK MoD and the European Space Agency (ESA). Here they led Capability Development, exploring advanced tools and techniques to improve the delivery of projects, as well as looking to open up new markets to establish future business and have been finalists for company Worldwide Innovation Awards.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in Model Driven Development using advanced methodologies such as 'Software Factory' and Agile approaches. We specialise in Modelling and Simulation, as well as Systems Integration, with a particular interest in distributed and federated solutions.

We have experience of Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture and Message Oriented Integration for major clients such as ESA, UK MoD, UK Government Agencies, BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.

We present at international conferences and are represented on the advisory committee of the W3c where we are engaged in defining the next generation of standards for the semantic web.